Friday, October 26, 2007

On Resident Evil: Extinction and Others

Went to watch this movie last week. I think it's awesome! Sci-fic has always been one of my favourite genre and futuristic technology never ceases to trigger my imagination. I have always been impressed by Umbrella Corp even though they are the evil guys, lol. It's so cool that almost all sci-fics computer systems are always Starcraftish/Matrix-ish, holograms and projections, high tech traps, etc. Looking at what we have now, (so long as its a M$ world, sigh) it will be eons before we have something even close to that.

Anyway, watching how the few human survivors making a gamble and trying to move to where they think is a safe haven (= no infection) in an apocalyptic world, I was thinking that since Earth is already pretty much infested with human beings, will there actually be any safe haven? =P

If there actually is an infection happening that could potentially caused extinction, I think it is probably the planet's way of cleansing itself of the parasitic humans living on it. My thoughts on Earth's environment and how we humans are destroying it, is heavily influenced by the Life Stream Theory in FF7:
Bugenhagen: “Lifestream... In other words, a path of energy of the souls roaming the Planet. ‘Spirit Energy’ is a word that you should never forget. A new life... children are blessed with Spirit energy and are brought into the world. Then, the time comes when they die and once again return to the Planet...”
Bugenhagen: “Ho Ho Hoooo. Yes, it is something, isn't it? Well, let's get to the subject. Eventually... all humans die. What happens to them after they die? The body decomposes, and returns to the Planet. That much everyone knows. What about their consciousness, their hearts and their souls? The soul too returns to the Planet. And not only those of humans, but everything on this Planet. In fact, all living things in the universe, are the same. The spirits that return to the Planet, merge with one another and roam the Planet. They roam, converge, and divide, becoming a swell, called the ‘Lifestream’.”

Bugenhagen explains to Cloud and his friends that the Lifestream is continually being recycled and never truly leaves the system as a whole. So long as the entity does eventually die, the Lifestream will be returned to the swell, or Lifestream repository, that is housed inside the Planet’s mantle. This is of course both efficient and self-sustaining and therefore presents the player with the idea that the Planet is in perfect harmony, a common assumption when it comes to talk about nature in real-life as well.

Thus, whenever somebody is born they take a handful of Lifestream with them. When they die, they give it back. That same handful is then incorporated into the swell, and, eventually, used by another life form to facilitate its temporary existence. It is then returned and the cycle continues unto infinity, so long as this is uninterrupted.

Looking at our present situation, I would say we are the Shinra of this planet. Wouldn't be surprised if something actually happens when the planet strikes back, remove us all, and starts to heal. A last quote from Cid:

I always thought this planet was so huge. But lookin' at it from space, I realized it's so small. We're just floatin' in the dark. ......kinda makes you feel powerless. On top of that it's got Sephiroth festerin' inside it like a sickness. That's why I say this planet's still a kid. A little kid sick and trembling in the middle of this huge universe.