Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Detecting ext2/3 partitions in Windows

Was listening to my mp3 while in vista. Then I realised some of my favourite tracks are in my ubuntu! ZzzZz. As we all know, windoze in general refused to acknowledge the existence of other things it has no control over, so how do i get my mp3s??? ZzZ

I came across this v useful blog while trying to look for alternatives (no way am i gg to have a FAT32 just for file sharing between the oses!). And guess what i noticed first?? Yay! Gnome FTW! no way am i going to switch over to KDE just because someone can't configure his right mouse clicking to his liking (hehe) lalalalala~ /dance

anyway, check it out here:

All About Linux

I am linking the blog to the geeky links on the side menu, enjoy!